This is my place for experimentation and fun. Tending toward wordiness, my personal goal here is to be concise, to take one picture and one theme and let them work themselves out. There is such glory in allowing an image to guides one’s words and allowing one’s words to guide an image. It’s a sort of dance.

And that is, primarily, what brings me to this place. I am here to discover what it means to dance the river. Those words presented themselves to me some years ago, and won’t let me go. So, I am setting out to discover just what they mean. What do you do when the verb and the object don’t match up in the usual scheme of things? What do you do when something inside won’t let you go? You become a seeker, a poet, a mystic. You become whatever you must become in order to know the eternal breath, the sacred dance, the mystery of the river.

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