In the blink of an eye she moved. The camera, held by a novice in a darkened theatre, does the best it can do. It captures five of her selves, as she performs her part. A blast of light and energy, she is a startling beauty, so full of passion and potential she steals my breath.

In the blink of an eye she has grown from a dream in her motherโ€™s womb to this: a being with many dimensions, far more than five selves. And so it is for us all. Life moves us by storm and occasional lullabies and we do what we can, honing the facets of this me and that me into something that resembles a whole.

This granddaughter of mine is a piece of fine work, an artist and writer, actor and dancer, scholar and musician. Her polished exterior is never too fixed to conceal a child with a tender heart. Life asks so much of us sometimes, but still we stand, still we adjust. Still we blink and move on.