I was hanging out the laundry some years back, and a dragonfly perched on a clothespin inches from my shoulder. Without thought, I reached up and lightly touched its wing. Then it flew off, circled back, and came to rest on the same clothespin. This time, I provided a more determined stroke, exerting enough pressure to see the wing move downward. Again the creature lifted off, only to return. We repeated this waltz, one beat, two beats, three, until my friend called it a day.

Since then, I take notice of these winged ones—my visitors from the fairy realm. Some allow me to stroke their wings, and others, like the one pictured above, seem to prefer to simply…commune. They  will allow me to come within inches of their faces and will remain in one place for many minutes at a time. This one hovered and perched near me for close to half an hour as I fiddled in the garden last year.

What a wondrous thing, to reach out, without thought, and discover something gentle, something like magic.