Today I flew the coop, pulled on an adventure. I put my dog and a snack for myself in my truck, and headed west and then south. I was also pulled in my mind this way and that, thinking of chores left behind and people I was neglecting.

Shortly, the sky gave me its blessing in blues. And, the Red Leaf Maples chimed in with reds. The Red Leaf Maple tree sends its seed pods, gorgeous little whirly-gigs, out into the February skies and offers a feast for the observant.

The pods range from orange and rust reds to pink and magenta and wine reds. The trees, sometimes called Swamp Maples in these parts, often stand in wet places and made a delicious display in woodlands as they discretely spill their color onto the browns and grays of the bare branches of their neighbors. They’re not showy or flashy, but the seed pods and the trees, themselves, are prolific. They speak to me, and I some times fancy myself as belonging to an exclusive club made up of those people paying attention to the subtle blessings bursting in the skies at this time of year.